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Xylem is Quality


Our focus is on offering high quality products to the European market. Achieving the utmost satisfaction of our customers is our main goal. The plywood panels we offer havean bonding quality (636-3 exterior applications), have a very uniform composition and are available in different grades of face veneer. Discover the full range of our products with specifications by downloading our product sheets today.

Premium Quality

Our products are assembled with great care and tuned to meet the high demands of the market. The properties mentioned in the product sheets are substantiated by regular, independent testing of our plywood products, so you can be confident that the products perform as you expect.

Environment Friendly

With wood as the raw material, our plywood products are more environmentally friendly by definition than many other building materials. On top of that, our plywood products are made from wood sourced from FSC® certified plantations.

Slam Proof

Tough and durable, our scratch-proof high-strength plywood is perfect for heavy-use surfaces. Made from premium materials, it's resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it will last for years to come.

Borer Free

Shield your woodwork from pests with our borer-proof plywoods. Made from superior quality materials, our plywoods are resistant to termite and borer attacks, ensuring long-lasting strength and durability.

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