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The Bouwbeurs from 6 – 10 February 2023



Thanks to many sympathizers from the timber trade, the BouwBeurs 2019 has been made a huge success. The fascinating Houtpaviljoen was even awarded ‘The Outstanding Award’ by the Jaarbeurs. View the photo impression here.


The Houtpaviljoen will return to the Bouwbeurs in 2023!

Also in 2023, the wood pavilion will be present again during the construction fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. With a new promising wooden construction. At the collective stand of about 200 m² in hall 10 there is room for companies that want to make a case for building with wood. Because wood is a reliable, flexible, varied, high-tech and environmentally friendly building material of high quality.



True to tradition, the Houtborrel takes place on the Thursday afternoon of the Houtbeurs. Wood professionals come together with the initiators and sponsors to enjoy a snack and drink.


Joined forces to jointly promote the use of wood in construction!

The market is changing at a rapid pace under the influence of complex issues. This requires new answers and new forms of cooperation. Joining forces is badly needed. We translate that at the Bouwbeurs. Why participate in the wood pavilion? – The Bouwbeurs was visited by more than 75,000 visitors in 2019 and rated with an average of 7.4 – The Houtpaviljoen is the eye-catcher of the Bouwbeurs – Together we are committed to promoting the use of wood in construction In 2017, more than ninety timber companies linked their name to the Houtpaviljoen. Because of the wood construction, appearance and the cooperation with sponsor companies, the Houtpaviljoen is a real crowd pleaser.




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